First House Detox Services

Residential Detox Program

First House Detox houses provide safe, affordable detox from alcohol and addictive drugs in three convenient Southern California locations.   First House Detox allows you to quit drugs and alcohol without the pain and anxiety associated with typical withdrawal.   Because your comfort  is our priority, First House Detox House offers Suboxone Detox (also known as Buprenorphine or Subutex) to ease our clients withdrawal from opiates.   Moreover, drug and alcohol detox at First House Detox typically takes only 3-5 days.  So, there is no need to suffer the embarrassment of extended absences in your professional or family life.

Call 949-515-2360 Men’s Facility
or 949-714-5877 Women’s Facility
24 hour staff available to answer all your questions

No Hospitalization, Caring Professional Staff and All the Comforts of a Home Setting

First House Detox Services provides relief from drug and alcoholism addiction in a serene setting without the stress and expense of a long term residential drug rehab.  Every client is personally assessed according to their detox needs and treated individually.  The average stay is between 3-5 days, so your detox is personal AND discreet.

First House Detox does not believe in letting clients suffer during withdrawal. Our program allows you to finally eliminate the vicious cycle of addiction in a comfortable environment where you can relax and make positive for the future.

Contact us 24/7 with any questions you may have at
949-515-2360 Men’s Facility
or 949-714-5877 Women’s Facility

3 Locations in Southern California to Serve you

First House offers choices; we listen to our clients and their families. We offer affordable, comprehensive plans. We are available 24/7 for Crisis Intervention, Counseling, Comprehensive Medical Detox, Structured Living Plans, Court Liaison, Vocational Counseling and First House Deotx is State Licensed and Accredited.

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While you here if you require the help of any allied health services we will ensure we make accommodations. Such as seeing our podiatrist for foot care or orthotics.


“I didn’t have the time or the money associated with your typical rehab center. I was able to take a week off work and return to my family and career” Adam, 36 – Finance Manager